Welcome Spring!

The first day of spring was one of those days I dreamt about in the depths of winter — a day that began with an adventure outside. We set off on a new route and discovered an ancient apple orchard within easy walking distance of our home. I could hardly believe that in nearly six years of living here we hadn’t yet found it! It was truly a magical way to begin spring.

Greenhouse math. How many onions do we use a year? Five a week? How many should we plant to last us 30 weeks? We have three varieties. If we put two seeds in each soil block, how many seeds of each variety will we need?  Making soil blocks, planting seeds, labeling trays — these girls are doing it all.

First spring nature journaling! Nothing is blooming yet, but we brought home a lot of buds to examine: ornamental pear, pussy willow, ancient apple, and red-twig dogwood. We also found some delicate lichen growing in little vibrant green patches. Then we learned that lichen is spelled the same way in both French and English. We do most of our nature journal notes en francais as part of our language study.

If you look out the window today, everything looks gray.  If you go outside and look a bit closer, you can find an incredible spectrum of colors and textures tucked into corners of the spring earth.

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