Zane Kathryne Schwaiger


I started to pay attention to the light after Ellen was born, ten years ago.  I had just started a blog and wanted to take photos to go with my words.  Jeffrey bought me a DSLR camera (my old trusty Olympus E-520 that I still use and love even though I now shoot mostly on a Nikon D7100) and I started to photograph our every-day family life.  After learning mostly by trial-and-error for a number of years, I took a class on shooting in manual, and then my interest in photography really took off.  Three years and three 365 projects later, I found myself wanting to do a little more with my passion for photography.

My greatest photography mentor is my friend, Jenny Stein, the host of The Family Photographer podcast.

You can find my photostream here on flickr.

And my instagram feed here.