Zane Kathryne Schwaiger

189 :: Baby in the Bulrushes


I am knee-deep in a warm, pond-fed creek on a humid July eve.  The girls have transformed into mermaids and Jeffrey is dipping Wallace into the water.  Our baby boy is skinny dipping for the first time!

Jeffrey finds the perfect sandy, shallow spot for Wallace to sit.  Wallace is delighted to be so independent, and the girls are enchanted with their cherub of a brother.  His delight is their delight.  Their delight is my delight.  Watching them all together makes my heart sing.

130 :: 365 — Root Child


I am watching him sit in the spring woods.
Light, filtering through newly budding trees.
Light so brilliant. So fleeting.

Tiny blooms cover the forest floor.  Violets.  Spring beauties.  Trillium.  Trout lillies.  Where do they come from?  Where do they go?
A carpet of vibrant green has emerged from brown earth.  Green today.  Brown again tomorrow.
This light, these flowers, the green — it will all fade away when the leaves fill out.  The woods will transform into a place of dark and deep.

But, today, we have this.
This light.


Have you read “The Story of the Root Children” by Sibylle von Olfers? It is a beautiful classic children’s book.  Amabel says Wallace looks like a “root child” in his brown wooly suit.

And today he did indeed look like he crawled out of the pages of that story land.