81 :: 365


I am in need of a photo (of myself) for a piece I’m working on (the terrarium piece).  And I have plans to meet up with my sister-in-law, a talented photographer, at the beach on a warmish evening this week.  But my March 30th deadline is fast approaching, and today I hear from two people that we might get 12 inches of snow on Wednesday.  Uh-oh.  Those plans I had to take a shower and wash my hair and put on something interesting and attempt to look nice, flanked by my three children . . . ?  I may just have to let them go for now.

So I wrap up Wallace, throw on a hat, and we all go out into the woods on what may be our last sunny and not snowy evening before March 30th.  We’re down here looking for mosses again, but before our hands are full of little green plants, I hand the camera to Jeffrey and say, “Will you take a few pictures of us, Bud?”

And, oops, I forgot to take my giant sunglasses off!

78 :: 365


Usually we wait until the first day of spring to collect pussy willows.  But today we took a walk along the edge of the marsh and just couldn’t resist picking one little branch of velvety kittens.

72 :: 365


The woods are warm.  It smells like spring.  Ellen wants to show us a good climbing tree she discovered past the swampy spot in the valley.  I hand the camera to Jeffrey and away we go.

69 :: 365


Most of our snow has melted over the past few days of warmth and rain.  But nothing green has emerged from the ground yet.  This is the perfect time to hunt for moss.