August Light

234 :: Dog Beach

remember that night in August
when the light was just so
and the dogs were wild and wet
and the girls went swimming
and the boys played in the sand
and I went running down the beach?

A Gousty Evening

243 :: Flower Tunnel

This is the way we traveled to Gousty every day in August . . . back and forth through the flower tunnel.

243 :: Get Ready for the Rocket Launch!

Uncle James had all the cousins captivated with his bottle rocket!

243 :: Catch It . . .

And here are two beauties in the evening light.

243 :: Evening Light


229 :: Ted & Tali

The gift of good neighbors keeps on giving.

I met Ted and Tali when I was 10 years old. Exploring the forest and hills behind my family’s home, I came upon their incredibly beautiful farmstead and their far-reaching woods. They welcomed me to walk on the land, and I fell in love. 26 years later, we’re still talking about the trees and the paths and the landmarks we return to season after season. And now my daughters are learning to find their way over these same hills – and back again.

229 :: Lanham Love