August Bounty

She took me down the big pine hill to the edge of the woods where she’d found an old gnarled apple tree. The apples were beautiful, delicious, and surprisingly blemish free. We gathered them together and I told her that my favorite apples come from trees that are wild.

This bounty kept us busy all day long!


This man knows me so well. Right before he starting taking Kimchi out of the big crock and putting it into jars, he asked me if I wanted to take photos. Well, yes, of course I wanted to take photos. This looks totally staged but it is real life. Our kitchen is a fermentation laboratory and everyone loves to taste the latest brew!

This is just some of the 15 pounds of cabbage from our garden that we turned into kimchi.

Kitchen Helper

I’m making soup: chopping onions, garlic, carrots, parsley. He is right next to me on a chair, up at the counter, putting baby potatoes into a bowl, transferring them into another bowl — back and forth — and stirring them with a wooden spoon. He adds sprigs of parsley, saying “chop, chop, chop” in his deep, confident voice. This little kitchen work keeps him occupied for many minutes. I finish putting everything into the soup pot and am surprised to see that he is still happily busy with his potatoes and parsley.

Summer Kitchen

The kitchen is full of one garden project after another right now: calendula petals, cucumber pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, pesto, flower arrangements, sun tea . . . and then just the regular three meals a day!

Yesterday I snuck in a few minutes of watercolor painting when I should have been making dinner . . . or at least helping to clean up!


It is mid-July and our kitchen has become an extension of our garden. This morning’s project: lacto-fermentation. Jeffrey loves to make fermented creations so much that you might just catch him singing to his pickles!