Where He Sleeps

246 :: His Own Bed

Well, this pair of photos cracks me up because here is my boy so proud to be in his very own bed! And then here he is two days later, where he really lets go into sweet baby sleep: in the big bed, of course.

248 :: Sweet Surrender

Home Again

247 :: Home Kitchen

We spent August away from home, in a little house on the other side of the county, while we rented our house out (to seven different groups of guests). It was equal parts wonderful and ridiculous. But one of the best parts? Coming home again. There is no where else I would rather be tonight than in my home kitchen, chopping up veggies from our beloved garden for the people I love.

247 :: Time for a Work Break, Papa

Ha Ha!

208 :: HA!

Sometimes it is enough just to be close to the people you love. Even when life is hard and you aren’t sure what to say. This year has brought a lot of difficult things to many of us, and tonight I am just humbly grateful for dear family reaching out and staying present.

On a lighter note, Aunt Debbie and cousin Frances taught the girls the game “Ha Ha!” Does anyone else do this? It made us all burst into contagious laughter!

Helping Out

205 :: Helping Out

Uncle Scott, here again to help us. Wallace is delighted with the piles of tools around the house and a uncle to chatter away to about drills and screws.