28 :: Game Boy

I’m trying to channel some of this uncertainty so many of us are feeling into hope and creative work. Jeffrey, the girls, and Wallace have been helping me work on a piece about our favorite games for an upcoming wild+free homeschool magazine. This little man may just grow up to be our most enthusiastic game player!

191 :: Beyond Bedtime Bird Attack


It’s nearing 10:00 pm on July 9.  Up here on the 45th parallel, it’s still light outside.

I open the front door and call, “It’s time to come in now, girls!”

“No!” they answer in unison.

“It’s time for bed.”

“NO!  We’re playing bird attack!”

The good moms go out and rally their children inside immediately for jammies and teeth.  The bad moms go upstairs, get their cameras, and proceed to take pictures.  I mean, come on — bird attack?!  Who doesn’t want a (low-light panning attempt) photo of bird attack?!

18 :: 365

background kiss 18_365

Everything is white outside.  We started out in the car to go to a cousin’s birthday party but had to turn back because I didn’t feel safe driving in white-out conditions.  So now we are home, playing a game that involves bamboo and pandas, which Jeffrey discovered last year.  Jeffrey likes to search out the best games and give them to the girls for Christmas.  And all winter long we play around the kitchen table.  This game, Takenoko, is one of my favorites because of its complexities and because I like to watch how different aspects of our personalities emerge as we take our turns.

As baby Wallace is passed from one lap to another, I wonder what kind of game player he will be?