Our Pittsburgh

It’s been 11 years since we met our dear, dear friends in our favorite Pittsburgh park. Spending time together was soul nourishment of the deepest kind. I had to catch my breath as I watched our babies meet again as almost-twelve-year-olds. So much has changed; so much remains the same.

For the Love of Neighbors

Wallace talks about our neighbors, Mike and Paula, every day — pointing over at their house, waving, and repeating their names (and their cat’s name, and their grand-dog’s name). After a visit from another neighbor’s puppy, he has added “Puppy!” to his repetoire.

Thank you, Sally

Our dear friend Sally gave the girls this beautiful sewing box, which was hand stitched in the early 1920s by Sally’s mother-in-law for one of her bridesmaids. Amabel and Ellen are in awe of the delicate stitches and beautiful fabric. It is truly a treasure — now being put to use again, filled with tiny tools for their latest projects.

Dear Sally, thank you for your generous spirit and for passing this on to us.