Meadowlark Love

81 :: Greenhouse Love

stepping out of the arctic air
into the greenhouse warmth
and light,
welcomed by our dear farmer friend
who put these three little people right to work
planting ginger mothers!

as she and I talked
about the changing seasons
I looked around,
thinking how the seeds of my wedding flowers
were seeded in this very space
by Jenny’s hands.

how grateful I am
for our long friendship
and for roots of love
that grow deep
at Meadowlark Farm.

241 :: A Farm Visit


I’m looking at this beautiful wild land from the road, noticing how it stretches out and turns into forest, effortlessly. This is a farm, farmed so thoughtfully as to allow the natural world and the cultivated world to coexist side-by-side. Our farmer friend, Ben, has taken time to come to know this land and raise animals here with sensitivity.

We are grateful to be one of the families nourished by this place — nourished by the food Ben raises and also by his ethic in caring for the land.