58 & 59 :: 365


Well, we managed to get off the couch today.  Just barely.  But I’m so glad we did.


This is the northern edge of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, one of my favorite places.  Travel east over the dunes, through a cedar swamp, across a meadow, and you will come to my parents’ garden.  Growing up, this beautiful wild land was, quite literally, my front yard.  Walking here brings me great peace.  Watching my girls explore this place makes my heart swell.





57 :: 365

couch people

I’m checking out at the grocery store — signing the credit card receipt with one hand and holding a baby with the other.  My big girls are helping me with the bags and the cashier says, “Look at you, you old pro.  You make it look so easy.”  It was a nice thing to say, but I had to laugh to myself.  Well, nice cashier, if only you knew what an effort it was to get out of the house today.  And, in fact, what an effort it is most days to even get up off the couch.  Life would be so much easier if we could all hang out right here, eat popcorn, and read books until this little man can talk to us and walk around on his own two legs.  Not that I want to rush anything, mind you!


56 :: 365

kitty hands

We didn’t have pets when the girls were babies.  Now we have a cat, a dog, and ten chickens (okay, the chickens aren’t really pets, but they are a part of our daily lives).  I wonder if Wallace will relate to animals any differently as he grows — because of his early introduction to our furry and feathery friends?