269 :: Ruby Ellen Greenhouse


I fell in love with the old, neglected greenhouse at the Ruby Ellen Farm during our homeschool field trip last week. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and imagining what it would look like if someone had the time and energy to bring this treasure back to life.

Week Two Wrap Up


We finished The Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman. It was the perfect start to our language arts year.

“Jane Sharp! It is I, Alyce, your apprentice. I have come back. If you do not let me in, I will try again and again. I can do what you tell me and take what you give me, and I know now to try and risk and fail and try again and not give up. I will not go away.”

The door opened. Alyce went in. And the cat followed her.

I hope I can remember Alyce when the going gets tough.


Thursday evening was a math lesson with Gommy and playtime with Boppa.  The girls treasure this time devoted to Gommy. And Wallace was making us all laugh with his antics.  He has developed such a sense of humor; it cracks me up!


We finished Lief the Lucky by Ingri and Edgar D’Aulaire and so delved into the geography of northern Europe, Island, Greenland, and North America.


We ended the week with a trail walk in a new spot with our lovely group of homeschool friends.  I loved watching the bigger kids pass the babies back and forth on the way back.


258 :: The Point



I love that you can see Jenny’s smile even as she is taking a photo of these very wiggly children in the midst of a huge sand dune!

Jenny is a joyful photographer and her joy is contagious. It is so much fun to be photographed by her and to photograph next to her.



252 :: Trip Planning


While brother naps, sisters are busy at the dinning room table, planning a trip to Mackinac Island!

How many miles?
How long will it take?
How much gas will we use?
Where should we stop for lunch?
Which ferry should we ride?
How will we get to our Inn?
Should we take our own bikes or rent some on the island?
And how much will it all cost?