90 :: 365


I’m gathering more moss and thinking about this 365 project.  Here we are at day 90, nearly a quarter of the way through.  Already?

Looking over my 90 photos, I recognize simple themes of family and daily life — mostly close to home.   When I go deeper, I see my growing awareness of this project as a creative practice.  The act of capturing a moment, reflecting on it, and sharing it daily (except for one weekend day each week, when I take a break) is filling my cup in ways I did not anticipate.

This daily practice has helped me to keep my eyes and heart open during a particularly exhausting chapter of motherhood (nourishing and nurturing an exquisite little being).  It makes me laugh to realize that some of my favorite photos thus far were taken on the bed.  The bed?!  Well, isn’t that where we spend a lot of time with our little babies?

This daily practice has helped me to welcome other creative work.  Or as Pablo Picasso famously said (and Jenny recently quoted), “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.”  I’m working!

This daily practice has helped me to remember that I am at my best when I spend a significant amount of time outside in wild places.  I can handle only so many inside photos in a row.  And then I tell myself: I need to get out!  And I do.  Taking a camera along holds me accountable.

Finally, this daily practice has connected me with a very encouraging group of photographers — Jenny’s listeners!  You know by now that Jenny is one of my dearest friends.  Listening to each episode of her podcast is a bit like having a conversation with her, an hour I look forward to every week.  The fact that many of you listen to her too, and take the time to share windows into your lives through photography and connect with others in the flickr group — is a wonderful thing.  So, thank you.  And to family and friends who are a part of my project, thank you too!  Having a community to share with (simple as the project may be) makes all the difference in the world.

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