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“Mama, I just found out that I still fit in the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom!”  Upon her discovery, she promptly removed all the contents and brought her favorite blankets and pillows into her hideout.  After she got settled and closed the door, it was uncharacteristically quiet in the house.

Half-an-hour later, she came down into the kitchen where I was making dinner.  I opened the oven door to pull out a roasting chicken, and she said, “My Ellen Hole is even hotter than the oven!”

(Camera note: this was taken with a lens I recently rediscovered.  We bought a 12-60 mm for our old Olympus just before we switched over to Nikon.  The focus isn’t great and the ISO on this camera only goes up to 1600.  Still, I’m loving experimenting with this lens because of the wide angle.  I never could have got this shot in the tiny bathroom with my 50 or 35 mm.)

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