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monday morning

This is my Monday morning.

I recently asked Jenny why some photos look extra soft and dreamy.  After discussing the technicalities, she started to wonder why one would want a photo to look soft and dreamy; and I realized that this is exactly why I love talking photography with Jenny.  She is very curious about the “how” in creating photos — but she goes beyond that, always asking the “why” as well.  It isn’t just how our photos look, it is why we take them.

More often now, and especially since starting this 365 project, I’ll ask myself why I am taking a photo.  And I’ll wonder, “Will this photo help me remember — and help my children remember — this time in our life?”

Remember that knitted blanket that I wrapped him up in every night?  Remember listening to podcasts most mornings while I cleaned up the kitchen from the night before . . . or attempted to clean and then ended up just snuggling and nursing instead?  Remember writing in little bits and pieces because it was so hard to sit down for any length of time?  Remember the unmade bed?  Remember, most of all, his chubby little hands and feet and the way his hair is growing in like a baby mohawk?


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