365 Project

after his bath 4_365

I started taking and posting daily photos in January 2016. My little boy was a wee babe, and I wasn’t sure if could keep up with a daily photo project, but with encouragement from my dear friend Jenny Stein, I continued through that first year year.

Cat Nap

And then I was hooked.

If you are interested in my daily photo project, or wonder what a 365 project entails, you can listen to these conversations between Jenny and me on her photography podcasts: TWIP Family and The Family Photographer.

Halfway through our 365 Projects.

After finishing our 365 Projects.

What started as an idea that Jenny proposed to her podcast listeners over three years ago has become my daily practice. I continue to take photos every day to encourage myself to see beauty in our full and messy life; to be an active part of a photography community; and to see the people and places I love with more dimension and reverence.

203 :: Childhood Discovery

You can find my daily photos here on flickr.

You can also visit my professional photography website here.