365 :: Practice Round 4


I am upstairs in my office — by the window where I like the light — taking a photo that is completely staged.  Sometimes I do this when I’m cleaning my desk.  Maybe I am avoiding the actual cleaning part?  Or maybe, I think, if I arrange a few lovely objects that have been obscured under piles, I will be inspired to create something with them.

I printed out the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook by Susannah Conway a couple of weeks ago, and it has been looking at me longingly ever since.  This will be my fifth year journaling my way through the pages, and I’m thrilled just thinking about it.  Tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow I will make space to purposfully reflect on the year past and envision the year to come.  One of the questions I’ll ask myself is “Why do a 365 project?”  To nurture my creative voice?  To encourage myself to see beauty in our everyday life?  To be an active part of a photography community?  To see my family more deeply, with more dimension, and with more reverence?

I think of the quote I so love by Brenda Ueland: “For when you write, if it is to be any good at all, you must feel free — free and not anxious. . . Yes, it has made me like working to see that writing is not a performance but a generosity.”  In that spirit of generosity, I want to venture out on this 365 project.  Thank you to Jenny, one of the most generous people I know, for inspiring me to begin.

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