365 :: Practice Round 2

manny puppet

I am folding laundry.  I am trying to fold laundry.  Wallace is not content, and so the mountain of clothes on our bed is not shrinking.  Sometimes he likes to be on his tummy.  I lay him down in front of me and attempt to fold a few more shirts, but his eyes look so beautiful with the light coming in though our big windows that I grab my camera instead.  The pile of clothing is in the background.  I push it all off the bed onto the floor, and I manage to capture our baby boy during moment of peace — quite literally a moment — between sad faces.  He then buries his head in the blanket and starts to cry.  I pick him up, I nurse him, and I wrap him up on my chest.  I scoop up the laundry from the floor and begin folding again.

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