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sniffing the air 27_365

It is still pitch black outside and the house is quiet when the phone rings at 6:30 am.  School is on a two-hour delay.  I turn off the light downstairs and go to the window, squinting to see out.  As the sky begins to lighten, the magical world outside take shape.  Every limb and tuft is frosted white, and the girls want to go out immediately.  Breakfast first!  After pancakes and hard-boiled eggs, we bundle up and enter the fairy land that is our front meadow, where each little cluster of trees and bushes is a new hideaway.  Hours pass.

By the time we should be packing backpacks and heading to school, the girls are fully immersed in creating a snow castle.  I use the authority of motherhood to declare a family snow day.



keeping watch

his girls

snow ball tree

snow mountain


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