26 :: 365

with grandmommy 26_365

Our day had an unexpected turn of events and now we are here, and he is in Grandmommy’s arms.  I am watching her snuggle him and thinking about how many babies she has loved and nurtured.  Coming into her space — into my parents’ home — is so calming and comforting.  I was dreading this week a bit, but now that we are here, I find myself feeling grateful.  I am so grateful for my parents and for their great love for home.  Their home is light and warm and filled with books.  It is a place we’re welcomed into for delicious meals and thoughtful conversation.  It is full of inspiration, creative projects, and — very often — the sounds of happy little people.  How grateful I am that my children are growing up with Gousty as their home away from home.

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