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queen anne in winter 25_365

It’s gray and colder than I thought it would be when I was inside looking out.  I really wanted to go outside to take photos today, but now that I’m outside I want to go back in.  I’m longing for sunshine or at least a little more light and warmth, but I am standing in the midst of the front meadow among familiar shades of gray on white.

I think about Garen’s beautiful photos of dead plants.  Plant skeletons bathed in light.  He has a couple images of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers that I particularly like.  I love Queen Anne’s Lace in all the seasons; the tips of the faded flowers are just visible now above the level of snow.  I bend down to look closely.

January is nearing its end and I know that February is usually a month of winter light.  Here in northern Michigan we really notice the shift in February.  Even the chickens start laying eggs again.  But I remind myself that we’re still in January and I don’t want to wish this month away.  I want to be present here; that is a big reason for this 365 project.  So I take photos with my cold fingers of naked Queen Anne’s Lace against the white landscape.

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