Full Moon Swim

174 :: Full Moon Swim

Watching these three in the big lake, splashing under the rising June full moon, it’s hard to believe there was ever a January when I felt so cold and dark and lost. Back on the beach, standing on the threshold of all this life, next to my love, watching our babies — I am so deeply grateful


170 :: Leftovers

I’m cleaning out a
cupboard of watercolors
and art supplies
and nature journals
and clay, and I am cleaning
but this is what I end up doing
laying out the bits and pieces
of a homeschool year
as a sort of still life
on the kitchen table,
and admiring all the little
reminders of a creative life
lived here
in the this home
filled with birdsong
and love.

Flower Love

167 :: Peony

It is a glorious morning at the flower farm, and the girls are gathering first-day-of-summer blooms.

167 :: Omena U Pick Flowers

Wallace is content playing with the hose.

167 :: Water Boy

I am taking deep breaths, soaking in the beauty of Carolyn’s gardens overlooking the glorious lake.

167 :: Lovely Yellows