Morning Fog

88 :: Such Morning Fog

so many mornings
I awoke
cloaked in
such fog,
beckoning me
into a lovely
soft pink sky,
hiding something

now I wake up
at last
and watch the
burn away
the mist
in my mind.

Spaghetti Squash

87 :: Spaghetti Squash

One of the last spaghetti squash from 2017, nourishing us tonight. Soon we’ll be starting this year’s squash seeds in the greenhouse and the circle will begin again.

Meadowlark Love

81 :: Greenhouse Love

stepping out of the arctic air
into the greenhouse warmth
and light,
welcomed by our dear farmer friend
who put these three little people right to work
planting ginger mothers!

as she and I talked
about the changing seasons
I looked around,
thinking how the seeds of my wedding flowers
were seeded in this very space
by Jenny’s hands.

how grateful I am
for our long friendship
and for roots of love
that grow deep
at Meadowlark Farm.