Ice Fishing

40 :: Heading Out

Heading out from the frozen white world into the iridescent green world below the surface, through the magic of ice fishing. Many thanks to our dear neighbor, Mike, who takes us out onto the ice and shares his shanty and his love for fishing!

41 :: Thick Ice

42 :: Shanty

43 :: Lake Window

43 :: Big Hands, Baby Hands


Our seeds are spread across the dining room table. Packets and packets of garden seeds — some still good, some long past their prime, but I am loath to let them go. Because, where would they go if not into the rich soil beneath my bare feet? I could feed them to the grumpy winter chickens. I could dump them in the frozen woods. I could let my children play with them and plant them in pots and get their hands all dirty and see what might come up.

I ask a farmer friend what he does with his leftover seeds. “Do you save them?” I ask.

“Some,” he answers. “But not the alliums.”

“Oh yes,” I say. “We learned that the hard way. Last year hardly half of our onions came up. The seeds were old. Too old.”

It just begs the question: how long does a seed last? An onion seed. A carrot seed. The seed of an idea in my soul. How long can I keep it in the dark?