Mud Sisters

They are growing up.
These — the first two cousins —
so admired,
so adored,
as they pass gracefully through the threshold of childhood . . .
there are seven little ones younger than the two of them,
watching them
with wonder.

Week Three

Cleaning off the table at the end of the week . . . there is much I want to remember and savor here. After two very challenging first weeks, this week was wonderful. The weather. Walks outside. Star gazing. Beach time. Books. Poetry. Writing. Exploring. Wallace’s morning circle. Making wreaths. Shakespeare. Music lessons. Expanding our timeline. Looking at works of great art. Math with Papa. These are the things of my homeschool dreams.

Morning Desk

Soft morning light.
Sun-kissed arms.
Plush, busy baby hands.
Big sister helps him up
on to her lap.
She makes a space
for him
among the many projects
on her morning desk.

Flowers at Dusk

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” — Claude Monet

Watching my children — really paying attention to them at play — is one of my greatest joys.