Better Blueberries

We took a wrong turn on the way to the blueberry farm. The blueberries were mushy. Mosquitos swarmed us, especially little Wallace with his milky baby blood. I had dressed for an overcast morning not for full sun at noon. Our lunch was soggy and Wallace wet his pants.

But we were with Grandfather. And being with Grandfather makes everything better. Conversations with him during the long car ride there and back again made it all worthwhile.

(I still wish we had come home with a basket of better blueberries. . . )

Zucchini Boy

My parents have a photo of me, at about this age, holding a giant zucchini from the garden. I wanted to try to recreate the photo, but Wallace spent most of the time throwing the zucchini instead of cradling it . . .


This man knows me so well. Right before he starting taking Kimchi out of the big crock and putting it into jars, he asked me if I wanted to take photos. Well, yes, of course I wanted to take photos. This looks totally staged but it is real life. Our kitchen is a fermentation laboratory and everyone loves to taste the latest brew!

This is just some of the 15 pounds of cabbage from our garden that we turned into kimchi.