45 :: Valentine Visit

It’s Valentine’s Day morning and we are visiting Sally.  The sunshine is pouring in through her windows as the girls examine treasures on her tiny white couch. Wallace is dancing around, touching this and that, and returning to look at Sally again and again.  Grandmommy is pouring tea, and I am sitting on the floor, taking it all in.

40 :: American History

Studying American history feels especially significant at this moment in time: the Declaration of Independence; our three branches of federal government; separation of powers; the Constitution of the United States of America.

Do these documents, these ideals, still serve us? How are they being tested today?

39 :: Watching Sister

For a long time
I let those thoughts occupy me —
you know those thoughts
that say
“Your kids will be awkward if they don’t go to school.”

Those thoughts that come from nowhere
and everywhere
so pervasive and strangely persuasive.

And yet,
how do they know,
those thoughts?
How can anyone say,
with conviction,
that schools help us to be less awkward?

Well, maybe they do teach us how to fit in.
But fit in to what exactly?

Notre Dame

Jeffrey hadn’t been back to Notre Dame since he graduated — nearly 14 years ago. Our little visit was like stepping through a window into his past, only with us, his family, surrounding him. So much remains the same on the campus — and so much has changed. The girls were captivated by the whole experience. And Wallace was Mr. Social.

I could have spent all day in the stacks, but Wallace was only quiet for about 36 seconds, so we had to take just a quick look around before heading back outside!

Playing outside of Papa’s dorm: Stanford Hall!

The sunny and 52-degree February day felt like the tropics to us!

Entering the basilica at night to be surrounded by hushed voices singing was absolutely magical.

But what did the girls say when I asked them to name the highlight of their visit? “Watching teens pass by outside our hotel-room window!”