47 :: Mr. Busy

It is quite a day. Not yet 10 am and Wallace is rapidly deconstructing the house. He has tossed a mug on the floor (smashed), attempted to feed the cat (bowl, crashed), and now he has climbed up into a chair next to Ellen and put his fingers in paint for the third or forth time. Oh, and I have mopped up a couple of puddles (he is an ec baby and frequently diaper free) while trying not to trip over the entire contents of my kitchen cupboards spread about the floor. Mr. busy man is keeping us on our toes! A friend remarked yesterday that it looks like we are doing pretty serious homeschooling. I had to laugh. This is what “pretty serious” looks like around here!

45 :: Valentine Visit

It’s Valentine’s Day morning and we are visiting Sally.  The sunshine is pouring in through her windows as the girls examine treasures on her tiny white couch. Wallace is dancing around, touching this and that, and returning to look at Sally again and again.  Grandmommy is pouring tea, and I am sitting on the floor, taking it all in.