30 :: Summoned

Pulled in different directions.

A dozen tasks on my
morning list.
Trying to attend to one,
just one.
To give it the space
to bloom.

But then I am interrupted.
I get interrupted
each day.

It happens so often
that maybe I should consider it
as something else?
Call it by a different name?


28 :: Game Boy

I’m trying to channel some of this uncertainty so many of us are feeling into hope and creative work. Jeffrey, the girls, and Wallace have been helping me work on a piece about our favorite games for an upcoming wild+free homeschool magazine. This little man may just grow up to be our most enthusiastic game player!

26 :: Vogue

Amabel and Ellen have a fascination with Vogue Magazine. They love to pour over the pages at Grandmommy’s house and look at the weird scenes inside. Grandmommy even made a doll-sized copy of Vogue for Alyce and Tabitha!

Here is Ellen, doing her best impression of a Vogue model.