357 :: The Chalkboard

Last December, I wrote out my goals and hopes for the coming year. Part of the exercise was to envision our family in a year’s time. What would we be doing at the end of December 2016? Letting my imagination run free, I wrote a long, colorful list of activites, including, “I will be standing in front of a big chalkboard, brainstorming with the girls and chalk pens!”

Yesterday, the big chalkboard of my dreams finally arrived (with a big thank you to our neighbor). We now have a rescued, repurposed chalkboard given to us by the manager of a local school that was closed and turned into an art studio.

Delighted with an entire wall to cover, the girls spent all morning filling it up and literally cleaning off the slate . . . over and over again.

Tomorrow, I just might stand in front of it, brainstorming, with them.

356 :: Solstice Desk

“Figure out what matters to you. That’s your meaningful work. Find out who else it matters to. That’s your community.”

— Lori Pickert, “The Introverts Guide to Building Community,” Camp Creek Blog

I’m thinking a lot about building community right now. Lori’s words make it sound so simple, right?

And yet we know how difficult it can be. How do I find the people who care about the work I care about?

354 :: Vulnerable

It comes in waves.
That feeling —
hard to pin down at first.
And then it shows its face,
as if peeking around a corner:

As if every thought is insignificant
and yet also too precious to
put into words.
Balancing on the edge
of the top shelf,
just out of reach
and uncomfortably close
to falling

353 :: Ball Boy

Our Christmas elf is delighted with the tree — every morning as soon as he gets downstairs he points and calls, “Ball, ball, ball!” in his deep little baby voice. And then he proceeds to skip around and pull off his favorite ornaments.