308 :: Landscape


“Poems are taught as though the poet has put a secret key in his words and it is the reader’s job to find it.  Poems are not mystery novels.  Instead we should go closer and closer to the work.  Learn to recall images and lines precisely as the writer said them.  Don’t step away from their warmth and fire to talk ‘about’ them.  Stay close to them.  That’s how you’ll learn to write.  Stay with the original work.  Stay with your original mind and write from it.” — Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones

That’s how I feel about the landscape too: stay close to it. Stay with the original. Taking photos from my bedroom window may be easier when I have a sleeping baby and can’t go out at the moment . . . but what I really need to do is step into the warmth and fire that is just beyond the glass.

306 :: Good Dog, Maddy


She reminds me of Good Dog Carl. Seriously, my Aunt’s Bernese Mountain Dog is a champion dog babysitter! She even lets the baby play with her bone.