326 :: Sculpey


We’re making tiny things with our favorite goldsmith. Maybe Christmas presents for little cousins . . . ? There is some debate about whether or not these delicate foods will be well received by a two-and-a-half year old. Is she too young? Should we wait?


325 :: Bed Making


I hear their voices. Their voices give me so much joy. This joy is so simple. So clear. So good.

(It’s that time of year again when darkness comes early and, thus, bedtime photos are in order!)

321 & 322 :: Higher View


I’m in the dunes;
she is in an oak tree;
he is creepy crab scooting across the sand;
and Ellen is singing, somewhere close by.

Today I awoke
from a fog —
a fog that had settled around me
while I was immersed in the back and forth
and so did not notice the thick air
clinging to the landscape
of my mind.

by the lake,
taking deep breaths —
perhaps that is what did it,
lifted the fog,
and cleared the air.

Made way for a higher view.



319 :: Full


I’m at the window, watching these two come up the driveway.  Ten years apart and so much love between them.  Wallace has blessed us all with his baby goodness, but he has given his sisters an especially wonderful gift.  It’s hard to put this gift into words — the tremendous well of joy and confidence that they have discovered over the past year.  It’s not that they were unhappy children before he was born, and it’s not that we haven’t had our ups and downs (those newborn months were hard!!!), but now we have another layer of love in our family — an abundance of life that daily fills me full to bursting.