251 :: Wait for Me


“Where are you going, sisters?”

Don’t worry, little Wallace, they’ve only gone to let the chickens out of the coop. They’ll be back to see you very soon.

Homeschooling :: Day 1


At one point while doing copywork, Ellen groaned, “Uggg . . . I’m tired of doing this.”

And I replied, “You can take a break, Ellen. You can go outside for a while and then come back in and finish.”

“But Mama! I have to pretend like I’m in school!”

Okay, I mean, who can argue with that?!

248 :: 12 Years


There we were
12 years ago,
leaping into the unknown.

Before these little lives
were entrusted to us.

And then they came
needing us
so entirely —

and as we gave ourselves to them,
we found ourselves