212 :: Nanny Girl


Her eyes are just like Harry’s eyes.
(Harry, her brother.)
So much else is different —
everything, really.

But those eyes —
they speak to me,
full of reassurance,
full of life.

210 :: Sunset


Deep in the heart of winter
there is a place that holds a memory
of mid-summer.
The heat of July
when days are long
and the grasses are thick;
when the sky is purple
at dusk,
and children must be called
again and again
to come in
to bed.

209 :: Praying Mantis


Cousins are watching a praying mantis, in a jar,
eating the head off a fly.

Wallace arrives on the scene and steals the show.

A praying mantis is fascinating.
But who can resist a pleasantly plump baby boy?