35 :: 365

drawing 35_365

Somehow I change the photo size proportions on my camera without realizing it.  It is late — any time after dinner feels late right now — and I’m not paying close attention to the camera.  I am watching her.  She is drawing.  She draws all over her homework pages, all over bookmarks, all over any piece of paper that is within reach.  I love how drawing comes so naturally to her.  She is different from me in that way.  And similar to Jeffrey.


34 :: 365

trying to pan while nursing a baby

I’m sitting on the couch nursing Wallace after coming in from a snow storm.  When I left the house to pick up the girls from school, the roads were clear.  When we started on our way back home, everything was white.

this is what it looked like outside

We have a trusty little subaru that always brings us safely home, but still.  With a baby and two little girls, white-out driving conditions can be hair raising.  At least we had Louis the Swan (audio book read by E.B. White himself) to keep us all calm on the ride back.  Now I am sitting on the couch safe and warm and snuggly with Wallace.  I was hoping to go outside with the girls and the camera this afternoon, but that isn’t looking very likely right now.  Ellen is bouncing around the kitchen/living room/room where we spend all our time — on her big red ball — and I think, “Oh, maybe I could get a panning photo of her!”  I love Jenny’s panning photos.  I’ve never tried panning before.  And I’m still sitting on the couch with my baby in my lap, but the camera is right in front of me and so I pick it up.  The results are pretty much awful, but I’m inspired by Jenny’s conversation with the photography Zalmy Berkowitz on the podcast today.  What did he say?  “Content trumps everything?”


33 :: 365

frosty queen anne 33_365

Here is the very same Queen Anne I took a photo of last week.  Now she is laden with ice crystals, bending under the soon-to-appear morning sun.  February has arrived and with it the light.  Sunshine makes many things that felt just too heavy in January feel possible again.  I love the promise of this month.


32 :: 365

delight 32_365

They are making valentine cards.  Ellen asks me if I like her design.  Amabel says to Ellen, “Parents lie sometimes to make their kids feel better.”

Jeffrey asks the girls, “Did you know that there is such thing as a lie detector?  And there are ways to tell if someone is lying?”  He explains how your heart might beat faster and your pupils might dilate if you are lying.

“Ask me a question!”  Ellen says gleefully.  “Am I lying?”

(I was definitely channeling the “wide and messy” vision when I took this.  I started much closer with just the three of them in the frame . . . but then I kept backing up.  And I’m so glad I did because the wider view helps to tell the story.  And the wider view makes me laugh!)