51 :: 365


We are getting ready to go out for a walk on this balmy February day.

Her: “Mama, can I wear those boots that Aunt Kim gave me?”

Me: “Hmmm . . . those aren’t really snow boots.  They are more like fashion rain boots.”

Her: “Well, I’m going to wear them.”

Me, slightly annoyed:  “But they aren’t warm and they have heels!”

Me, halfway through our walk: “I like those fashion boots, Amabel, they are very photogenic.”


50 :: 365


I’m watching her play and thinking about a podcast I listened to this morning.  A neurosurgeon interviewed on “On Being,” cited studies that show how imaging some things can be as powerful as actually doing them.  So tonight I’m going to imagine myself on the beach, exploring a place like this little world Ellen created on a baking sheet.  I could sure benefit from an outside adventure and a little fresh air — even if only in my imagination.


49 :: 365


I come upstairs, walk into the bedroom, and find the three of them surrounding our baby.  They are getting him ready for a bath, and his irresistable plush little body is being passed back and forth between the girls and papa.

Someone asked me today if we always knew we wanted a third child.  What do you say to a question like that?!  This picture is my answer.


48 :: 365


I got to spend two days at home with this sweet girl.  Among many, many questions she asked me, “Mama, what is a polter?  And can you have a polter without the geist?”