148 :: Morning in the Greenhouse


It’s time to transplant the seed babies outside into the garden.  They are not really babies anymore.  At first they grew slowly.  And then, overnight it seemed, they shot up and now we have sunflowers and cucumbers, kale and tomatoes — bursting out of soil blocks.  Our plants need more space to extend their roots.  But I almost don’t want to move them outside because I like hanging out with my babies in the thick greenhouse air.  I love the watering and nurturing.  Watching them grow.

This reminds me of sending my children to school.  I like to be close to them.  I like to hear their voices and watch them explore and create.  I like to nourish them.  I know it is exciting to go out into the wide world and test one’s wings.  But for how long is it healthy to stay together wrapped in the warmth and protection of the greenhouse?

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