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I am thinking about framing.  How we frame our images.  And our stories.  How sometimes what we leave out of the frame is as important as what we keep in.  This photo, for example, looks quite peaceful.  We have a lovely blanket of snow, and Harry wants to come in out of the cold.  What you don’t see is the room around the frame of the door — our kitchen and dinning area that is still disheveled from the oven fire on Monday (Jeffrey put it out with a fire extinguisher, thank goodness, but if you’ve ever used one you may know that a fire extinguisher can make even more of a mess than the fire itself!  And although we’ve spent a lot of time cleaning, we both have other work to do.).  This is one reason why I find photography to be meditative, in a sense.  It helps me to focus on the simple beauty of the day by framing a moment and eliminating some of the chaos around the edges.  This isn’t always the goal, of course.  But sometimes it is.  And it helps.

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