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If you are visiting this page for more information about Harry, thank you.  We are looking for a new home for Harry because our baby is approaching toddler age, and we don’t feel safe with them together over the next few years.  You will find our story and more photos below.

Update :: Harry has found a new home.


I have a doggie dilema.  I don’t trust Harry with Wallace.

It all started last summer.  Harry was hit with a stick by a young boy (who was too little to understand how to act around a dog), and ever since then Harry has been leery around unpredictable children.  I watch him very closely when new children come over to play.  I do my best to show children how to pet him and talk to him.  But sometimes he growls unexpectedly.  And he even snapped at a friend’s four-year-old daughter.  She was not harmed but I was mortified.  That was one of my worst moments last year.

Dog training is mostly about training people.  But children too young to control their bodies cannot be “trained,” and Harry is a terrier.  He is not a docile beast.  I’ve never worried about him with our girls because they raised him.  He obeys and respects them.  And the girls know his quirks.  But Wallace is beginning to reach out, grab, and move himself around with more force.  Harry clearly knows that Wallace is his baby (sniffing, licking, tail wagging), but I don’t trust his terrier instincts around unpredictable movement.

Ideally we would just hold Wallace in our arms for the next two years until he is old enough to touch Harry gently — every single time.  But that would be rather ridiculous.  How would he learn how to crawl and to walk?!  Or we could keep Harry gated off in his back hallway when we’re not holding Wallace.  But that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.  Which leads me to my point: I think it would be best to find a new home for Harry.

Harry has been a part of our family for four years.  Just looking back at photos makes me start to tear up.  He has grown up with our girls.  They have learned so much confidence while training and handling him.  They’ve experienced unconditional dog love.  And pure doggie joy.

baby dog

Harry sit

july pup

tug of bread

And — oh — the antics we went through with Harry and his sister Nancy!


How did we manage to train him not to murder chickens?!  (Oh, wait.  He did murder one.  But just one.)

his birds


Harry's Hole

Hours on the beach.  In the woods.  And in the snow.  Walking.  Running.  Chasing.  Barking.


snow dog


queeny anne

tree light


Are you crying yet?  I am.

Alas — we are in a different chapter of life now.  And I feel strongly about trusting my instincts.  I know I won’t feel safe with Wallace crawling and toddling around Harry.  I don’t believe any measure of training will change that.  Harry is a wonderful dog.  But despite his upbringing and our efforts, he can’t be trusted around active babies and toddlers.  (Unless maybe in the presence of a dog whisperer?)  And so, I’m officially putting out the word: if you know of someone without little children in their life who is looking for an adorable Irish Terrier (well-loved, healthy, four years old) — please put them in touch with me!

10 Replies to “Harry”

  1. No help, only tons of sympathy and a big “well done” for making a hard choice. When Moe bit Bette, they were both less than five feet away from four adults. You can’t watch all the time, and if you can’t trust him you’ll *all* be better off if he has a new home where he can be a terrier (with all the ups and downs that brings), you don’t have to live with that awful worry, and the babes can all be safe.

  2. What a heartbreaking story, yes brings tears to my eyes knowing as a mother the intuition you have for Wallace from, Harry. He is your furry, four legged child. He has been a been a major part of your lives and has had a very good life so far. I pray that God answers you prayers and guides you in the right decision for finding Harry’s new home! I to will be praying to God to night to give you an answer on Harry’s new home. I ask for it to be safe and full of love that his years left hear on earth will meet him with his new owners to have a happy, long , and loved life.

    With that being said and the animal lover that I am. I am writing to you in hopes that you will contact my mother-in-law, Mary Olson. Her phone number is 989-916-8332 She has seen Harry’s picture and has already started falling in love. She has 150 acres for him to roam around and is a bigger animal lover than myself. She brings a whole new level to the word spoiled. She just lost her yellow lab/Irish terrier mix of 18 years a little while ago and is ready and looking for a new baby. Of course she had to mourn the loss of her baby, but is ready now and I know she can give Harry a wonderful home for the rest of his years he will be happy and loved. You would not have to worry about him as you would know he has went to a good home. Whether or not you choose my mother-in-law, I will still be praying that God provide you with an answer in the morning. Have a blessed day!

  3. I saw your ad on Craigslist and clicked on your link … the photos brought tears to my eyes – what joy and beauty. He seems like a special dog and after having a JRT I understand the bond and temperament dilemma. If I did not have two dogs already I would scoop him up! I wish you the best of luck in finding the right home.

  4. We would be interested in Harry! We are HUGE animal lovers ! We have a small 10 acre farm in Mesick. We Have 3 ( and a calf due any day) cows, 2 pigs, many chickens, 3 Great Pyrenees and a cat that live outside, a silver fox rabbit, and inside we keep a pembroke welsh corgi and a Lhasa apso. Harry would live inside. My youngest daughter is 15 and her Lhasa is older now in not the best of health so we r looking for another dog she could call her own and I do think Harry would be PERFECT match!

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