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We are complete homebodies.  How we pulled ourselves together to fly across the county for a family wedding in Miami, I’m still not completely sure.  Now that we are home, it feels like a dream.  Honestly, if it weren’t for this 365 project I wouldn’t have packed my camera.  I knew I would have my hands full, and I don’t typically think about taking photos in unfamiliar places (Funny, right?!  I wouldn’t make a very good travel photographer.).  But now, I’m so glad I had the motivation to take my camera along.  What an adventure!


Wallace loved being warm.


As I took this one, I was thinking, “I traveled all the way to Miami to take photos quite similar to what I would take at home?!”


His first swing.


I snuck behind the wedding photographers to snap this.  The ceremony was at a beautiful, historic church — and it was such a joy to be a part of their day.


Thanks for taking a family photo of us, Aunt Kim and smile assistant, Cora!


Beautiful Kim and Cora.


Cousins in the fancy mall.


Why did I not take more photos at the ocean?  Because we have Lake Michigan.  (This photo could be from our summer up north!)  The girls loved finding shells in the ocean but not the salt on their skin and hair.


Miami Beach is home to unbelievable high-rise development.  The wedding weekend events were hosted at the Sea View Hotel, which was actually the first high-rise built on Miami Beach in 1954.  The bride grew up across from the Sea View when it was the place to stay.  But most of the rest of the (giant!) hotels along this coastline have been built with in the last two decades.  Mind-boggeling.


After the wedding we wanted to see wild Florida, so we went to the everglades.  We visited the Miccosukee Indian Village, which was both very educational and very sad.  It was such an incredible contrast to Miami Beach.  I could write quite a lot about my reflections, but I will leave it at that today.


(As I was taking this photo, I was thinking how touristy (and overexposed) this is .  . . and it made me laugh!)


(Phone photo from Jeffrey!  I was in the car with napping Wallace when the girls held baby alligators.)  We were amazed to learn that alligators can go two years without eating anything.  And they can live to be 75 years old in the wild.


Even after waking at 5:00 am and traveling for many hours, these two girls were cracking each other up in the airport with a rabbit fur they bought at the souvenir shop in the everglades (Side note: who pulls out their camera on a moving walkway?!).  Shortly after I took this photo, we had an epic parking garage saga.  But alas I have no pictures of that!

And now, we are safe and sound, at home again.

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