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I’m starting a 365 project today or — as many have pointed out — a 366 project.  My hope is to share a photo each day of this year accompanied by an 8-minute sketch.  (I give myself 8 minutes to write by hand, beginning with the words “I am,” and then transcribe my words here.)  My goal is to stretch my creative voice and practice photography more intentionally.  And I’m eager to share with the community of photographers inspired by Jenny Stein, the host of TWIP Family!  Jenny did a 365 project 6 years ago, which I admired from afar, and since listening to her podcast, I’ve found myself especially motivated to take photos of the people and places I love.  Jenny is starting another 365 project today, and she has invited her listeners (and anyone else!) to join her.

I will be posting in three places: here on my blog; on instagram as @zanekathryne; and on the flickr TWIP family 365 project group, also as zanekathryne.  Here’s to a happy new year filled with creative work and generous living!

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